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Expansion Posse: Los Hermanos

Expansion Posse: Los Hermanos

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A legion of outlaws from south of the border, lead by a ruthless crime lord, this small army of marauders terrorize the countryside fringe towns, controlling the villagers with fear and chaos. Renowned across the state, they are no strangers to the bounties on their heads and those who aim to collect them, but being one of the most infamous gangs in Saratoga has kept their roster full and their guns plenty, easily making them one of the largest and deadliest outfits in America.

Montaña Azul’s Los Hermanos’ strength is in their body count. While not made of hit points, their near-limitless numbers make them a force to be reckoned with. When two fall, two more appear, blasting from windows or charging out of doorways. With a small arsenal of explosive bottle bombs, they can deliver devastating crowd control while Montaña, himself dishes out punishment to anyone who would duel him, especially would-be gunslinging bounty hunters!

This expansion posse includes:
5 Miniatures (1 x Montaña Azul, 4 x Bandido)
1 Starting tile (8 x 10 inch Saloon Tile)
40 Posse cards (2.5 inch playing cards)

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