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Expansion Posse: Jenkins Brothers

Expansion Posse: Jenkins Brothers

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Deep in the swamps of Pascagoula County sits a small barrel town of moonshiners founded by the Jenkins family. After the Governor’s violent crackdown of the industry left most of the family dead, the last surviving patriarch has gathered his kin and – with nothing left to lose - takes the fight straight city hall. But this will be no peaceful protest.

The Jenkins Brothers are a trio of close range punishment. Two of the brothers, Jethro and Jonah, brandish powerful shotguns that execute carnage through cover and doors, while the giant Clifton’s brutish strength and combo attacks sends his opponents flying in every direction.

This expansion posse includes:
3 Miniatures (1 x Jethro Jenkins, 1 x Jonah Jenkins, 1 x Clifton Jenkins)
1 Starting tile (6 x 6 inch General Store Tile)
36 Posse cards (2.5 inch x 3.5 inch playing cards)

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