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Expansion Posse: Father Franklin

Expansion Posse: Father Franklin

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Once a devout apostle of the cloth, when the Vatican sold the land from under his abbey to the Royal Import Company who then slaughtered his flock, Father Franklin realized the corruption of the Church and took on a new mission of God: to cleanse the world of wickedness. Setting his sights toward the highest point of venality, the "Pinebox Priest" marches from chapel to chapel, baptizing the blasphemous with 7.62mm, and any other evildoers who stand in the way of his calling.

Father Franklin is a one-man army, carrying a coffin-mounted machine gun that is as much a metaphor for the burden of heavy weight of the sin of this world. While this does hinder his movement, once he deploys, no amount of speed can save those caught his his rapid-fire cone of destruction.

This expansion posse includes:
2 Miniatures (1 x Father Franklin, 1 x Father Franklin Deployed)
1 Starting tile (8 x 8 inch Fountain Tile)
29 Posse cards (2.5 inch x 3.5 inch playing cards)

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