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Expansion Posse: Grizzly Greenwood

Expansion Posse: Grizzly Greenwood

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From the deep woods of Timber Heights comes the silent big game hunter, Henry "Grizzly" Greenwood. With his sturdy long rifle, near limitless supply of bear traps and a loyal pack of wolfhounds by his side, Henry has collected many trophies in his career and has now set his iron sights on more challenging prey.

The Grizzly Greenwood posse is one of coral and control. Greenwood's bear traps make his targets think twice about taking their next step, while his wolves can pounce and maul their prey, keeping them in one vulnerable location for Henry to pick them off at a safe distance with his rifle.

This expansion posse includes:
4 Miniatures (1 x Grizzly Greenwood, 3 x Wolfhound)
1 Starting tile (8 x 8 inch Camp Tile)
33 Posse cards (2.5 inch x 3.5 inch playing cards)

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