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Expansion Posse: Bloodcreek Bushwackers

Expansion Posse: Bloodcreek Bushwackers

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Remnants of a lost cause. Survivors of a massacre. For a country that abandoned them, the war is over. For this band of men, it has just begun. Left for dead and deserted by their homeland, these survivors of the Blood Creek Massacre have only vengeance as their refuge, stalking their oppressors in the dead of night, becoming themselves the haunting specters of Saratoga and they will not rest until the men who murdered their brothers join them in Hell!

The Blood Creek Bushwhackers posse is one of sabotage and ambush. What they lack in range, they make up for in surprise. When the Bushwhackers are on the table, no space is safe and no loot crate is secure as these gray ghosts can pop up anywhere to attack an unsuspecting target or detonate crates, destroying them entirely and dealing damage to all around them!

This expansion posse includes:
4 Miniatures (1 x Maj. Mosby, 3 x Bushwhacker)
1 Starting tile (6 x 10 inch Town Entrance)
34 Posse cards (2.5 x 3.5 inch playing cards)

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