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Expansion Posse: Bandero Blondes

Expansion Posse: Bandero Blondes

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In a world of objectified and enslaved women, these former-harlots-turned-liberated-ladies roam the caravan trails, exacting vengeance and causing havoc on men across Saratoga making a name for themselves as the widow-making "Bandero Blondes."

The Bandero Blondes are a posse have the full monte of firearms from pistols, rifles and shotguns and their bordello fortress sports a balcony for taking advantageous shots from an elevated position.

This expansion posse includes:
4 Miniatures (1 x Bonnie Beecher, 1 x Miranda, 2 x Bandero Blondes)
1 Starting tile (8 x 12 inch Bordello Tile)
34 Posse cards (2.5 inch x 3.5 inch playing cards)

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