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Expansion Posse: Abernathy Gang

Expansion Posse: Abernathy Gang

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When those deputized to enforce justice only sought to twist and corrupt it to their own ends, this Man of Metal and his bushranging renegades took the law into their own hands. But when everyone has their own ideas of order, the compass tends to tailspin into chaos, and that’s precisely what transpired at the Bloodbath of Brunswany, where the unstoppable, armored Nelson Abernathy and his Abernathy Gang went down in infamy as ruthless outlaws with a thirst for violence.

The Abernathy Gang are heavy hitting gunfighters, that can take just as much punishment as they can give. Using torches, the gang can light entire buildings ablaze while Nelson’s impenetrable metal plating absorbs his enemies’ attacks for days and the sight of a brass star brings out a monster in Nelson that has become the nursery rhyme for misbehaving children across the country.

This expansion posse includes:
3 Miniatures (1 x Nelson Abernathy, 2 x Bushranger)
1 Starting tile (6 x 6 inch Blacksmith Tile)
36 Posse cards (2.5 inch x 3.5 inch playing cards)

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