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Kickstarter All-In

Kickstarter All-In

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Missed the Kickstarter? Don't worry! Grab the Kickstarter All-In Bundle and dive into the full High Noon experience. This exclusive offer includes every item from our Kickstarter campaign at a fantastic 25% off the retail value. Plus, enjoy the Kickstarter Exclusive Loot cards not available anywhere else. This bundle allows for up to 12 players to join the action!

What's Included:

  • High Noon Starter Set
  • Expansion Posses: Los Hermanos, Bandero Blondes, Bloodcreek Bushwhackers, Grizzly Greenwood, Father Franklin, Abernathy Gang, Jenkins Brothers, Monco & McCatte
  • Marketplace
  • Loot Vol. 1
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Loot
  • Chips and Gold Upgrade Pack
  • Minis Crate

Don't miss out on this comprehensive bundle that brings the Wild West tactical skirmish to life with all expansions, upgrades, and exclusive items. Order now and join the High Noon adventure!

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